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About technology: We are using two technology i.e Electronic ( work on sweeping frequency ) and Magnetic ( works on water molecules structure )

1. Electronic Water Conditioner: It uses a series of controlled complex modulating high frequency waveform that neutralizes the bonding ability of minerals that are contained in our water. This field effectively agitates different size molecules likely to form scale & to break the bonds between molecules and the water. This results the breakdown of large mineral crystals into tiny mineral particles & then prevent them from reacting with other minerals or bonding to any surface to form scales.

2. Magnetic Water Conditioner: It uses rear earth magnet, which produces permeant magnetic field. These magnetic field breaks heavy minerals compounds & salts dissolved in water. The hexagonal water molecule cluster won’t allow the bonding of minerals to it, magnetically structured water acts as Good Solvent which removes scaling from pipes and won’t allow new scaling to take effect. Both above mentioned process is so effective that existing scales are progressively broken down & flushed away in due course of time. The conditioned gaseous ions result in noncorrosive & better tasting water. It also helps the plants to grow well & healthy as well as save home appliances from scaling.

Working of Electronic & Magnetic Water Conditioner: 

Basically, we need to understand how it works. The salt particles in hard water is in dissolve form is not a cause for scaling but the sticking ability to stick to any surface is the key problem. When water passes via electronic & magnetic conditioner then 40-micron salt particle converts into 4-micron particle of 10 parts and most important the sticking ability is decreased to 0% from 100%. The combination of both effects is increasing solubility of output. Means now treated water will be more soluble than before. Now when non treated water stays inside pipeline, drip lines and drippers or any appliances then after evaporation the salts will make 1-micron scale level. On next day or water cycle this layer will increase to 2 micron and will continue. When electronic & magnetic water conditioner is used then, this first 1-micron level will be washed off in second water cycle. Then second day 1-micron level will be washed off by third cycle. So, at any time there will be only 1micron layer and that is also very soft. This all happens because of ability of treated water to remove previous scale formation.

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